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Modified - 08/11/2015 09:58am Class Notes
Walt's Daily Schedule Fall 2015

8:20-8:40 Homeroom and meditation, daily quick write from "Don't sweat the small stuff for teens" plus visualization and reseting the school brain.
8:41-9:26 Social Responsibility DAAC class Wednesday, Nathenson creek cleaning Friday, Working on different themes each grading period (How we learn, Technology controlling us, Sustainability, etc.)
9:27-10:12 Creative Writing Writing prompts related to themes of the grading periods. Creating, editing and publishing student work in the Sonoma Sun.
10:13-10:58 Algebra Diagnostic review to fill in individual deficiencies then first semester Algebra 1 curriculum following the CCSS standards. Resources include CPM, UCLA Math, Conquering the CASHEE, SVMI and SBAC performance tasks. Includes projects related to curricular themes.
10:58-11:15 Break
11:15-12:00 Biology Curriculum developed using the NGSS and grading period themes. Example: studying neurobiology, learning, and the human body during the first unit on "How we learn". Students develop self-awareness about their life choices.
12:01-12:45 Art Fundamentals of two and three dimensional art. Artist of the week from Lascaux to Banksy. Creation and display of large community projects like the SONOMAWOOD sign and all the art for the Sonoma International Film Festival. 
12:50-1:10 Prime Time Makeup and individual student time.