Creekside High School

Creekside High School Procedures

Emergencies - A variety of information including how to prepare for possible emergencies, how to sign up to be alerted when there's an incident that may affect you or your children.

Communication - How to contact your child during school hours, what to do about forgotten lunches or homework, children's use of the school phone.

Student Emergency Forms - Keep your child's emergency contact information up to date.

Illness/Accident - Our procedures if your child becomes ill or has an accident at school.

Immunization Record  - Immunization requirements for your child so we can keep school a safe and healthy place.

Student Medication - Our policies about medication in school.

Health Services - Find out about our school health services such as the schedule for our school nurse.

Exclusion from School - Health reasons for which we may need to exclude a child from school.

Meals - Keep your kids healthy and happy by making sure they come to school well fed.

Homework - Homework guidelines for parents, students and teachers.

Conferences/Progress Reports - Ways for parents to learn about their children's progress in school.

Weather Days - How to find out if school is closed due to bad weather or other circumstances.