Creekside High School

Senior Portfolio 2016-17

Creekside Senior Portfolio 2016

“Real Life Applicable Skills in Writing” - Work on in English

Cover Letter due 9/30/16

Thank you Letter due after volunteer hours completed.

Resume due 9/30/16

“A Plan for Post-Secondary Education…” - Work on in English

Career Exploration Paper due before 12/23/16

FAFSA or Dream Act & Doyle (if student qualifies) - Due 10/1/16 to 3/1/17.

Community Service  

15 hours of service from non-profit or previously approved organization (7.5 hours prior to 1/9/2017) All Community Service hours completed by 4/7/17.

“Real Life Applicable Skills in Math” - Work on in Economics

Living or Travel Budget

Business Proposal

Pathway to Home Ownership or Automobile Ownership w/ Debt Analysis

Due 4/15/17

“Real Life Applicable Skills in Science” - Work on in Math/Science

Healthy Lifestyle

Growth Mindset

Environmental Awareness

Due 3/3/17

Visual Aid for Oral Presentation

Google Slideshow must include:



may include pre-recorded video clips

Final Portfolio due 4/7/17.

Oral presentations between 4/10/17 & 5/5/17

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Creekside High School

Volunteer Information

Senior Portfolio 2016-17

Volunteer Hours: Seniors are responsible for volunteering in some capacity within Sonoma Valley for fifteen (15) hours as a component of the Senior Portfolio. Volunteer hours must be logged and signed by the Volunteer Supervisor of those hours on a Volunteer Hour Log. Volunteer hours should support the Senior Portfolio topic chosen and approved by the Civics Teacher, Ms Ellis. The experience of the volunteer hours will be part of the Oral Presentation as the student shares their experience with the Senior Portfolio Oral Presentation Boards. Volunteer location and contact information will be decided upon and approved during Grading Period 2. Volunteer Mentor Form to be signed and returned during GP2.

A Volunteer Supervisor is the person who will supervise and confirm the hours you work. The Volunteer Supervisor must be a minimum of 25 years of age, but not your parent or guardian. The goal of Volunteer Hours is to become more aware of your community and assist in bettering your community.

Please provide name, contact phone number and email address for your Volunteer Supervisor.

Name of Organization for whom you will volunteer_________________________________

Volunteer Supervisor_________________________________________

Volunteer Supervisor phone number____________________________

Volunteer Supervisor email address_____________________________

Hours to be kept on Volunteer/Community Service Log, which is provided.

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