Creekside High School

CHS News: 

republic_ot.jpgis celebrating their five year anniversary on February 4.  They have now given over $150,000 to the Sonoma Valley public schools since opening.  We are so grateful for all their donations, and hope you will support them too!

On Friday, February 3 they are having a Customer Appreciation Evening with late night shopping from 5-7pm with a 25% store-wide discount and light snacks.  On Saturday February 4 (10am-5:30pm) and Sunday, February 5 (12-5pm) they will have their annual Anniversary Sale with 50% discounts store-wide and lots of extra clothes on tables from their back stock.   

"Pizza with the Police" was a huge success thanks to Mary's Pizza Shack and the Sonoma County Sheriff's Department! 12/23/16





Thank you to Mary's Pizza Shack for their wonderful donations!

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Thank you to Republic of Thrift for their wonderful donations!
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Thank you to the Sonoma Plein Air Foundation for their wonderful donations!